I’m Jen Dutton, an experienced 2D artist and animator from the Chicago area. 


Love for video games in my childhood crafted my passion for creating games as an adult. I find it personally fulfilling and exciting to create art for people all over the world to interact with, immerse themselves in, and to enjoy. I currently work at Playtika, where I create art and animations for high-end social slot games for the Caesar's Casino app. I have a natural penchant for leadership, while also being able to handle others' direction and constructive criticism. I work collaboratively with game engineers and designers, and I take an active role in training new artists in my studio. I absolutely love being surrounded by other talented artists and game makers that I can laugh and learn with. Besides the fun and educational environment, my favorite part of making art for games is the puzzle-solving: how to tailor my art to best fit the game designer's needs, the engineer's needs, and also make the best-looking game possible. Being a part of the creation of video games really is as fun as I had imagined it, and I plan to be a part of it for years to come.

(Note: This portfolio contains both my personal and professional artwork.)